Following it forward


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It is vital to follow several pertinent blogs to ensure that you keep at the forefront of your receptive industry. In public relations you need to keep ahead of the constant stream of news and current events. As a current PR student, I have decided to follow several blogs that pertain to my field as well as my community.

-PR Daily News is a blog that functions like a news organization. Its stories consist of current events that impact the PR world, as well as stories of how the PR world is impacting current events. With the latest stories on creative PR approaches, and new tips and tricks to the trade, this blog offers a great insight into the world of PR. One of its most helpful features perhaps, is the navigation bar at the top of the sight that allowed you to browse the blogs content based on different aspects of PR, allowing you to focus on the content that you want.

-PR In Your Pajamas focuses on helping start-up businesses create and establish their public image. With that goal in mind, most of the blogs content is simple and easily relate-able. With the content’s from-the-ground-up approach to creating a companies public image, it lends its self perfectly to up and coming PR practitioners; there is even an entire page of the site dedicated to laying out what PR is, and how to go about implementing it for thee betterment of a company.

-PRNewser reminds me of a magazine in the way that it approaches its content. The blog covers everything from news, to job postings,research, pop culture and even what it has dubbed “PR Fails.” The sight is light and fun, its content equally so, and yet it still delivers important updates on the ever-changing world of PR. One of the more interesting aspects of this blog is the “Revolving Door” segment that addresses openings and the filling of positions inĀ  major companies.

-SHIFT PR is a blog run by the SHIFT Communications Agency. A professional blog that provides direct insight into what an actual PR firm is doing in the field. This level of insight is extremely exciting because of its high level of relevance to current practitioners. It also allows for PR students to gain tips and information from professionals that can be implemented in their future careers. Being able to see how an agency thinks, and what it does is hugely beneficial every one in the field.

-The Hub is a student run news outpost at Texas Tech University. It provides news, opinion columns and other stories that are pertinent to students at Texas Tech, as well as students in the communications field. Stories on the site cover everything from university level, to national news and how it is impacting the university. This insight into a major university is important to PR students at the institution because it allows them to see how what they are learning can be, and is being implemented.

To think I thought I knew how to think.


It seems like a simple enough concept; we’ve all been thinking for as long as we can remember. However, I would argue that being able to think, and knowing how to think are two different concepts.

In the world of public relations, you have to think about everything that you do before you do it. There are steps and processes to everything, and one wrong move could spell out disaster for your campaign. With so much riding on your actions it is important to give them a great deal of thought. The PR Strategies course helps direct and out line the thought process that you should have when approaching your work.

When faced with a problem or crisis most tend to think first of how to solve that problem or crisis. However, the PR practitioner should start at the bottom and work their way up to the crisis so that they can make the best decision for their course of action. Hands down, the best tool for the job is the SWOT analysis. Once you have analyzed an organizations Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats it becomes easier to determine what steps to take. This is by far the most valuable thing learned during PR Strategies. From here you can take the different strategies you are given in the PR Strategies course and choose the appropriate vehicle to execute them with.

But it all starts with how you think.